In 2015, I took a break from architecture school and moved to India on a 24-hr notice to emotionally and financially support my sister and her two young sons in Bangalore, India.  She had reached the end of her rope in an emotionally abusive marriage. My sister and nephews lived in an apartment devoid of emotional/visual character,  furniture or interior architecture of any kind.  
With visual expression inspiring a celebration of living life, I designed the interior architecture of her apartment, which made a tremendous difference for her and the boys to bring light & joy back into their everyday living.  I employed local woodworkers and artisans to build furniture and we hand built the luminaires for art lighting, ambient lighting and wall lighting.  Incorporating integrated design in the logistics of the luminaire construction, I hired local machining shops to create the parts.  My sister and I assembled and installed the lighting fixtures.  
My sister and nephews have all since moved on to leading normal, cheerful lives.  This gallery is dedicated to the unprecedented life changes that spatial experience in architecture can bring through beauty & inspiration.  
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