I am Ganesh Raman.  I am a currently a graduate student in Architecture at the University of Cincinnati pursuing my boyhood dream of studying architecture.   As a boy I trained in classical Karnatic violin and cleared the exams in music by the age of 12.  I gave a few solo concerts and participated amongst groups of musicians in television recordings for regional programming.  I also created drawings, made my own apparel, and was short-listed for jewelry design by the World Gold Council.  Throughout, I had a keen interest in architecture as an art form.  
At the age of 13, I discontinued training in music and chose to pursue academics.  I studied science/statistics in high school and pursued civil engineering (with structural engineering as minor) in college.  Following my undergraduate education in India, I traveled to the United States for a Master's Degree in Engineering in 2002.  In 2003, I graduated with a Master's degree in structural engineering after a successful defending my thesis in the Behavior of Extended End Plate Moment-Resistant Connections.

In 2003, I started a professional career as a Structural Engineer and left the conventional engineering career in 2009 after completing an international joint venture as a Project Manager for a large manufacturing company.  By then I had successfully led teams in Building Design/Documentation/Specification, Bridge/Highway design, Manufacturing, Land development, commercial building ventures and pipeline design.  Subsequently, I worked as an Engineering Consultant from 2009-2013 with companies, private clients and on City/State/Federally funded engineering design projects.  
In the fall of 2013, I joined the University of Cincinnati to pursue the Graduate Architecture Program in DAAP.  The same year, I co-founded Ganesh Raman Design Company, LLC, a small, design-build company that specializes in high end niche design of residential interior architecture.  Our company has won national awards in interior architecture design-build projects.  
I continue to train in music and performing arts and I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity as an opportunity to give back to my local community.  I have formally trained as a model at the Neal Hamil Agency.  I am also formally trained in ballroom dance in smooth/rhythm dances.  My partner and I won Southern Regional Amateur  Couple Ballroom Dance awards at both Texarama and the Lone Star Classic through the Fred Astaire Dance School.  Currently I am training in contemporary Jazz fusion - Tenor Saxophone and intend to take formal lessons in western classical Violin. 
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