The bamboo kitchen was designed for a private client in the music profession and uses the traditional elements of musical theme and variations, and applies the concept to the architectural design of the space.  Much like a melodic line is musically altered through introduction of complexity and improvisation, the rectangular shape is used as the primary thematic element.  By repeating and varying the aspect-ratio of the primary element, a geometric definition of the space is created and used to maintain a consistent design language to create, connect and experience the space.

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Preliminary Concept - rendered image
Design Concept - rendered image
The function of three different rooms has been integrated into a unified focal point of activity by removing walls between them allowing for a modern quotidian flow
Clean lines, line-breaks and volumes of forms are used to express functionality in large planar surfaces of the walls and the ceiling. These forms integrate appliances within them and are contrasted on the opposite detail wall which holds curated art and accessories.
The natural lines of woven bamboo are detailed to match continuously along the kitchen design lines leading to a wrap-around bamboo wine storage furniture piece which merges the programs of kitchen, music room and dining space.
Bespoke bamboo wine display and storage furniture
Integral-panel dishwasher, side-opening convection oven, rinse/wash sinks are positioned for functionality in the central island with convection cooktops and an externally vented hood.
All primary culinary tasks have been organized to incorporate the functional dynamics of the kitchen thereby creating an ideal space for social gatherings around the central waterfall island
This corner treatment eliminates blind spots by opening the view of the contents from two sides.
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