Flora is a 1980s home originally built by mid-range home builders.  This is a full-home interior architecture renovation project including P&E, structural modifications, furniture design and curated with professional art and photography.  The redesigned bathroom in this house won the 2014 Chrysalis Award for the Southern United States.  The value of the house appreciated significantly when compared to neighborhood comps of estimated values and was featured on the ModCiti website.  
The furniture ranges from classic to contemporary periods.  Some of the furniture includes, the Saber Hugging Table by Interlude, couches and chairs by BoConcept, console by Danish Inspirations and large wood furniture by High Fashion Home, Houston.  Chandeliers by VeArt, Italy and Ikea.  Bath furniture by Duravit, Geberit and Hansgrohe, Germany.
The interior architecture of the house is a contrast between industrial, contemporary, ornate and modernist themes in furniture, color, art and arrangement in each space.  The art work and photography are some of my works over the last 2 years.
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